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Pretty Planning - Staying Organized in 2016

Hello all! Hard to believe we’re almost through with January. Where is the time going? With the arrival of a new year comes new goals, new events, and new tasks to keep track of. These days I have to have everything written down or I’ll forget. Despite my best multi-tasking efforts there are far too many details to keep track of. Organization is a must, but something is bound to slip by.

A couple of years ago, my mode of organizing consisted of several notebooks, slips of paper, and dozens upon dozens of Post-it Notes. As you can imagine, having things scribbled down in numerous places was not helpful. I’d tried a few agendas but they didn’t help. They never seemed to have enough room for what I needed, and I became frustrated with them quickly.

I started to do a little research. I needed something I could stick with, and wouldn’t get bored with or want to chuck out the window. Something where I’d have room to jot everything down in an organized manner where I would be able to easily find it later. Where I could keep track of all my tasks, reminders, events, notes, and not have it be the size of an unabridged dictionary. Another problem with previous agendas was that I couldn’t find information when I had to go back to look something up.

In came the planner. I blame Pinterest for my new planner obsession. After working with my new planner, I realized my previous attempts at organization and planning hadn’t worked because, aside the vast number of lists and notes I had, things were always changing, being added, removed, moved, and for that I would need a ring binder. Again, I’d tried one or two, but I found they were too small or the pages too narrow. Also, I wanted something pretty, because well, I like pretty. I love color coordination. I’m artsy, and pretty colors, patterns, and designs are my kryptonite. I have a thing for stationary. Not uncommon among writers.

I came across Simple Stories, and fell in love with their planners. Then in November of 2015, they released their Carpe Diem planner which was exactly what I needed. There were plenty of gorgeous colors to choose from, and they sold a host of coordinating accessories I could use to give my planner a personal touch. Stickers, clips, washi tape—some of you know about my unhealthy obsession with washi.

2016-01-14 16.26.23

Anyway, aside being pretty, the pages were wide enough with plenty of space. I could customize it to fit my needs as an author. It is a hefty planner, but I'm one of those folks who carries a big bag, so the size is just right. Also the clasp keeps things from falling out. There's also a cut little zip pouch for storage.

2016-01-12 12.59.48

2016-01-12 12.58.57

I have several divided sections for things like blogging, marketing, ideas, and release prep so I can easily find this information when I need it. There’s a yearly calendar, a monthly calendar, a weekly, and even a daily. There’s a page every month for a monthly breakdown, birthdays, important dates, goals, and reminders. There are several bookmarks to make access to certain areas quicker. It has pockets, and clips.

2016-01-12 12.58.03

2016-01-12 12.57.25

2016-01-12 12.56.46 2016-01-12 12.52.53 2016-01-12 12.51.40 2016-01-12 12.50.05

So far, I am completely in love with my planner, and my planner madness has spread to several author friends. It’s become more than just something to scribble things in. If I need a break, I can decorate a page, and it relaxes me. When I get together with author friends, we bring our supplies and it’s really a hoot.

I’ve also finally organized all my planner supplies. It’s at hand on my desk which is finally how I like it.

2016-01-19 12.58.29

These clear plastic boxes are perfect for storing my planner accessories. Number and alphabet stickers, date stamp, washi samples, stickers, and smaller bits, along with the bottom drawers for my favorite and most used washi tapes.  The majority of the storage on my desk is from T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Ross, with a few pieces from Zulily.

2016-01-14 16.27.15

I’ve also finished decorating the office with a teal, mint, gold, and white theme with pink accents. For me, being happy with my office makes me feel happy and productive. It took about seven months to get it the way I wanted, but it was worth it. I spend more time in my office than anywhere else, so it made sense to fix it up. I think it fits my style perfectly. <3 So here's to a shiny new year of pretty planning!

2016-01-19 12.59.03


Release Day! Blog À feu et à sang, THIRDS, tome 2 (Blood & Thunder French Translation) now available!

Hello all! À feu et à sang, THIRDS, tome 2 – the French translation of Blood & Thunder is now available from Dreamspinner Press,,, Barnes & Noble, and other online book sellers!

perf5.830x8.270.inddQuand une série de bombes explosent dans un Centre de Jeunesse Therian, blessant les membres du THIRDS de l’équipe Destructive Delta, et provoquant un désaccord entre les agents Dexter J. Daley et Sloane Brodie, la paix semble impossible à atteindre. Plus encore quand un nouveau groupe semant la terreur, l’Ordre d’Adrasteia a toujours l’air d’avoir une longueur d’avance. Avec la panique et l’intolérance qui se propagent, et les rues jonchées de la propagande de l’Ordre, l’hostilité entre humains et Therians croît à mesure que les jours passent. Dex et Sloane, avec le reste de l’équipe, sont déterminés à faire tomber l’Ordre et à rétablir la paix, sans parler de régler un différend personnel. Mais plus l’équipe s’investit dans l’enquête sur les attentats, plus ils croient à un motif plus sinistre que le simple désir de répandre le sang et semer le chaos.

Quand il découvre l’horrible vérité derrière les intentions de l’Ordre, Sloane est forcé de faire face aux secrets d’un passé qu’il pensait avoir à tout jamais laissé derrière lui, un passé qui pourrait non seulement le détruire, ainsi que sa carrière, mais aussi la réputation de l’organisation qui a fait de lui ce qu’il est aujourd’hui. Maintenant plus que jamais, Dex et Sloane ont besoin l’un de l’autre, et, avec la confiance, la force de leur lien fera la différence entre la justice et la guerre totale.

ISBN-13: 9781634771962 Pages: 272 Cover Artist: L.C. Chase Translator: Ingrid Lecouvez Release Date: Jan 19th, 2016 Visit THIRDS HQ French Website

Catch a Tiger by the Tail is now available for pre-order from Amazon and ARe!

Hello all! Catch a Tiger by the Tail is starting to go up for pre-order on third party sites! It's up on Amazon and All Romance eBooks for pre-order, and I imagine Barnes & Noble will follow pretty soon. Woohoo!

CatchATigerByTheTail200Catch a Tiger by the Tail THIRDS: Book 6


Calvin Summers and Ethan Hobbs have been best friends since childhood, but somewhere along the line, their friendship evolved into something more. With the Therian Youth Center bombing, Calvin realizes just how short life can be and no longer keeps his feelings for his best friend a secret. Unfortunately, change is difficult for Ethan; most days he does well to deal with his Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety. Calvin’s confession adds a new struggle for Ethan, one he fears might cost him the friendship that’s been his whole world for as long as he can remember.

As partners and Defense Agents at the THIRDS, being on Destructive Delta is tough at the best of times, but between call-outs and life-threatening situations, Calvin and Ethan not only face traversing the challenges of their job, but also working toward a future as more than friends.

readanexcerpt reviews


Genre: Gay Paranormal Romance, Shifter Length: Novel, 216 Pages Published: Feb 5th, 2016 Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Cover Artist: L.C. Chase Ebook ISBN-13: 9781634769099 Paperback ISBN-13: 9781634769082 goodreads-badge-add-plus


Dreamspinner Press eBook Dreamspinner Press Paperback All Romance eBooks Amazon Barnes & Noble


2015 Paranormal Romance Guild REVIEWER'S CHOICE AWARDS!!

2015 PRG Awards header

Hello all! I'm super excited to announce that I've been nominated in the Paranormal Romance Guild's Reviewer's Choice Awards! The PRG have chosen their favorite reads of 2015, and now it's your turn to vote! So many amazing titles have been nominated! I'm thrilled to be a part of this fantastic lineup.

Against the Grain has been nominated in the M/M Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy category. And the THIRDS has been nominated in the M/M Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Series category! Woot!

If you fancy casting your vote, you can do so here:

THIRDS Thursday eBook News!

THIRDS Thursdays

Hello all! I have some exciting news about the THIRDS Thursdays Flash Fiction stories. For several months now I’ve been asked if the stories will be released in eBook format. I’m super excited to announce they’ll be released through Dreamspinner Press, and there are currently two volumes in the production process! So what does that mean exactly?

I wanted readers all over the world to have access to the eBooks, so we discussed the best way to do this. If the eBooks were offered for free, they would only be available for download through the Dreamspinner Press website, which isn’t accessible to some folks, especially a good number of International readers. In order to make the eBooks available through a larger number of online retailers, just like the THIRDS series, the flash fiction eBooks would need to be placed on sale. So we decided on the low sale price point of 0.99 cents. Some folks may be wondering: Why would I pay for something I got to read for free? Good question.

Each volume will be roughly 40,000 words in length, and include a brand new, previously unpublished flash fiction story. The stories will be professionally edited, and have professional cover art. Plus, all the royalties I earn from these two volumes will be donated to Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary for abused and abandoned big cats. So for your 99 cents, you get a long novella length eBook with added brand new content, you get the THIRDS Thursday stories on your e-Reader, but most importantly, you’ll be helping a wonderful cause.

So what does that mean for those stories on the blog and Goodreads?

Since the two volumes are under contract, these stories will need to be removed from the blog and Goodreads group, but ONLY the stories written up to and including December 10th, 2015. They’ll be removed at the end of February/early March while the eBooks are in edits. Any stories written after December 10th, 2015 will remain on the blog and Goodreads group, and THIRDS Thursdays will continue as normal with new stories. The plan is to release Volume 1 in June, and Volume 2 in October, between regular THIRDS series releases.

Obviously, you don’t have to purchase the eBooks, but if you do, know the royalties are going to help a wonderful charity. Thanks to this series, I’ve learned so much more about big cats. I had the pleasure of visiting Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, and the stories I heard about some of these cats were heartbreaking, so it warms my heart knowing we can do a little something to help. <3

x Charlie

My THIRDS Interview over at Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents!


Hello all! I've been interviewed by the lovely Toni Hawks over at Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents! Check out the interview along with what Dex and Sloane have to say about their favorite decade, musical, ringtone, and more! Plus there's an excerpt from my upcoming Dreamspun Desires story Forgive and Forget!

My schedule for the Coastal Magic Convention Feb 4th - 7th!


Hello all! The Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL is almost here, and I'm super excited! This year I'm attending as a Featured Author and I'm taking part in several panels. Here's my schedule, though I'll also be attending events and checking out other panels as well, but this is what I'm scheduled to participate in.

Friday, Feb 5th: 10.15 – 11.15 am

Romanctic Men: Busting the stereotype that men don’t express feelings… gay romance authors discuss how their characters both “show” and “tell” their emotions. Amy Lane, Charlie Cochet, B A Tortuga, Julia Talbot, Kiernan Kelly

Saturday, Feb 6th 

3.30 – 4.30 pm: Meet & Greet: Urban Fantasy (Theme coming soon) Jennifer Estep, Nancy Holzner, Charlie Cochet, Jocelynn Drake, Dianna Love, Eric R Asher, Lucienne Diver, Dina Given, H D Smith

5:30pm – 7:30pm:  Public Book Sale / Signing – All Featured Authors will participate, along with additional “signing only” authors. You can see the full list on the Charity Book Signing page. All attendees welcome – also open to the public. PLEASE NOTE: Limit of 3 books brought from home for authors to sign. Please consider purchasing additional books from our authors directly, and/or our on-site bookseller.

Sunday, Feb 7th: 10 – 11 am

Paranormal In Gay Fiction: Urban Fantasy authors discuss equality in paranormal worlds. If/how including non-human characters (without the same “human” prejudices) changes the story landscape for their LGBT+ characters. K C Burn, Kiernan Kelly, Charlie Cochet, Amy Lane, T C Blue

Sunday, Feb 7th: 11.15 – 12.15 pm

Ensembles In Romance: A chat about the friends and family who support our favorite couples. How do they help create a dynamic story in their own right? What does it take to make a secondary character in one book, the lead in another? Charlie Cochet, Chudney Thomas, Shayla Black, Lexi Blake, Poppy Dennison, Kit Rocha

Check out the rest of the schedule here.

Also, for those attending, Dreamspinner Press will have paperback copies of Catch a Tiger by the Tail, However there will be a limited number of copies on hand.

Hope to see you there!

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