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Hell & High Water (THIRDS, Book 1) is 50% off from DSP!

1211curvsp Since February's Book Club Book is Hell & High Water, it's 50% off at Dreamspinner Press! Woot!

Participate in the DreamReaders Book Club February 9, 7 p.m. EST to chat about Hell & High Water, the THIRDS series, and enter for a chance to win an exclusive THIRDS Thursday Valentine's Day flash fiction with the couple of your choice!

Hell & High Water at DSP: DreamReaders meet up via Google Hang Out:

Introducing the DreamReaders Book Club!

Hello all! You may have seen it mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, but just in case you haven't, I'm posting about it here as well. The fabulous folks at Dramspinner Press have started a book club for their readers. How awesome is that? Every month, virtual meetings will be held via Google On Air (Google Hangouts) where readers will be given the opportunity to talk about some of their favorite books. Dreamspinner's also offering special offers and giveaways as part of the event!

More details of the February meeting for Hell & High Water to come soon! Hope you all have a blast!


DreamReaders Book Club - Get Hell & High Water for $1.75!

Hello all! Dreamspinner Press has launched an awesome new book club called Dream Readers, and as Dream Readers Book Club Author of the Month for Feb, Hell & High Water is $1.75 for 24 hours only! As January's author of the month, get 30% off all off Rhys Fords books! Woot!

M/M Romance Group Members Choice Awards! Thank you!

2015 is off to an amazing start! At the end of 2014 I was nominated in 13 categories for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's Members Choice Awards. I was so thrilled! I really hadn't expected it. I thought it would be cool to place in one of those categories, but wasn't fretting because I was just so happy to be nominated.

And then came January and time to announce the winners. The first category I placed in was Best Enemies to Lovers. I was all 'woohoo!' OMG, I'd won! And then they kept coming, and I kept staring at my screen with my jaw on the floor. I placed in seven categories with eight places. One of those categories I places 1st AND 3rd! As you can imagine, I'm floating. This has just been incredible.

So thank you! Thank you to all the amazing folks who've supported me and my books. To all the THIRDS Nerds who are such an inspiration. To all who nominated, voted, or just picked up one of my books.

Thank you!

The pretties!! Hell & High Water: 29-1 32-1 12-2 36-2 7-3   23-3
Blood & Thunder: 32-3
A Rose by Any Other Name: 19-2

Rack & Ruin Playlist

Dex's Mix tape300

Hello all! I know I dropped the ball on this. Things have been a little crazy. But I finally managed to get it up. The Rack & Ruin playlist is now up on Spotify and THIRDS HQ! Woot! I'm working on getting the Rise & Fall one up before release. Happy Listening!

Rack & Ruin Spotiy Playlist at THIRDS HQ: Rack & Ruin Spotify Playlist on Spotify:  Rack & Ruin (THIRDS, Book 3) Playlist

Round Robin Story Fun


Hello all! I've joined some fabulous authors in a game of Round Robin for a free read. What's a Round Robin story? It's a type of collaborative storytelling in which each other writes a piece of the story, continuing where the last author left off.  You can find the story schedule below of when the posts are going up. Since there are a good number of authors, there's two posts going up a week, and I get to end the story. OMG, no pressure, right?  The story is called Different Tracks and it's a straight up contemporary, a first for me, so should be fun!

I've also added the schedule and links to the sidebar so readers can easily find them. Happy reading!

Part 1: Jan 5 - Sophie Bonaste Part 2: Jan 8 - Brynn Stein Part 3: Jan 12 - Grace Duncan Part 4: Jan 15 - Suki Fleet Part 5: Jan 19 - Elizabeth Noble Part 6: Jan 22 - Kim Fielding Part 7: Jan 26 - Lane Hayes Part 8: Jan 29 - Charlie Cochet  

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