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Looking back at 2014 over at Lissa Kasey's!


Hello all! I'm over at the lovely Lissa Kasey's blog with a post on looking back at 2014 and the amazing journey it's been for me. From my first THIRDS book contract to what's coming soon! Check it out here:

Rise & Fall (THIRDS Book 4) Blog Tour Signup!

Rise & Fall blog tour banner - no cover

Hello all! The fabulous Enchantress of Books Blog Tours will be arranging a blog tour for Rise & Fall, the fourth THIRDS book and signups are now open. The tour will run from February 2nd to Feb 15th. If you're interested in hosting me on your website or blog, please sign up here:

Graphics and banners with book cover will be available after the cover reveal on Jan 2nd. Rise & Fall will be released Feb 2nd.

A big thank you to those who sign up. Your support is immensely appreciated.

2014 Member's Choice Awards voting ends 12/28!

Favorite All Time Series 2014

Hello all! Hope you've been having a fabulous holiday season with yummy treats and good company. The fellas and I have made it to the final round of voting for the 2014 Member's Choice Awards from the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads! If anyone fancies voting, you can do so before Dec 28th when voting ends. These are the categories the fellas have been nominated in:

Poll #5: Final Round - Favorite All-Time M/M Series - THIRDS Series by Charlie Cochet Poll #7: Final Round - Best Spies (Intelligence Officer/Spy/Assassin/Mercenary)  - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet Poll #8: Final Round - Other ~Best Book of the Year  - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet Poll #9: Final Round - Best Law Enforcement (Cops/Private Investigators) - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet Poll #13: Final Round - Genre ~ Best Paranormal - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet Poll #26: Final Round - Genre ~ Best Historical - A Rose by Any Other Name by Charlie Cochet Poll #27: Final Round - All-Time ~ Favorite All-Time M/M Author - Charlie Cochet Poll #33: Final Round - Genre ~Best Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic/Steampunk - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet, Blood & Thunder by Charlie Cochet Poll #42: Final Round - Theme ~Best Enemies to Lovers - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet Poll #46: Final Round - Theme ~ Best Established Couples - Dex & Sloane in Rack & Ruin by Charlie Cochet Poll #48: Final Round - Theme ~ Best Humorous - Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet, Blood & Thunder by Charlie Cochet

A huge thank you to everyone who nominated and voted. You all have been amazing. Thank you for all the love you've shown these guys. <3

Dexter J. Daley's Letter to Santa over at Love Bytes Reviews!

Transparent_Christmas_Stockings_Decoration_PNG_Clipart_800 Hello all!

Later today, Dexter J. Daley's letter to Santa is over at Love Bytes Reviews! Find out what Dex has to say to the jolly man and what he's hoping to get this Christmas. For all those who celebrate it, have a wonderful Christmas Eve!!

THIRDS 101 - Therian Tattoos

Hello all! I thought it was time to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule on the blog, and as I brainstormed topics I checked my email. I had a THIRDS question from a lovely reader. I get quite a few of those every week which I always have so much fun answering. Usually they're questions regarding the THIRDS world.

One of my awesome proofreaders brought up the fantastic idea of having a THIRDS Wiki. At some point, I'd love to get something like that together. I figured in the meantime, I could post the answers to a lot of those reader questions about the THIRDS world here on the blog for folks to read when they fancied. That way I could expand on the answer without bombarding any poor readers with essay-sized emails. So today's the first post of THIRDS 101.


Therian Markings (Tattoos)

With the birth of Therians came new laws and a new branch of Therian government. One of the many laws enforced was the legal requirement to be registered and marked. All Therians must be registered at their nearest CDC Therian Registration Office where they'll be marked by classification for the safety of both Therian and Human citizens. With the uproar and violence brought about by the riots in the 80s, Humans wanted assurances from the government that they would be safe from this new stronger, potentially lethal species. If there's one thing Humans fear most, it's the unknown. Governments around the world were desperate to ease the unrest and put an end to the violence. They issued the Therian Registration Law.

Therian adults who were around before the law was passed, were instructed to register. After that, any Therian children born would need to be registered and marked by the time they turned two years old. The process is supposed to be painless, but that's hardly the case for small children. New procedures are currently in development to improve this.

What does this Therian mark entail? Three letters tattooed in black on the left side of a Therian's neck, making it illegal for Humans to get tattoos in that spot, though there are of course Humans who ignore this and risk the penalties, especially Therians chasers.

The three letters specify: Family, Genus, and Species. For example, here are the tattoos you'll find on the necks of some of our THIRDS crew. It's three letters, and the default font for the government is what you see below. It's an attempt to make the markings look less like letters--but still legible enough--and more like small graphics.

Therian classifications

What do those letters mean? Let's take a look at Sloane's tattoo. The "F" says his Therian form is of the Felid Family, the "P" for his Genus Panthera, and the "J" for his species Jaguar. With that in mind, here are the meanings of our THIRDS crew's markings.

FPL: Felid, Panthera, Lion (Ash) FPT: Felid, Panthera, Tiger (Hobbs, Seb, Rafe) FAC: Felid, Acinonyx, Cheetah (Cael, Austen) FPC: Felid, Puma, Cougar (Sparks) CCL: Canid, Canis, Lupus (Hudson) UUB: Ursidae, Ursus, Bear (Zack)

Not all Therians reacted kindly to this law when it was introduced in the late 80s, and it continues to be a topic of controversy in the THIRDS world. Many Therians chose and still choose to remain unregistered. Another difficult job of the THIRDS is to deal with unregistered Therians. These cases are handled by Unit Alpha and Unit Beta. Anyone who's caught has a week to register and get marked, or a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

Life is difficult for these Therians, as it makes it illegal for them to be hired. They're not entitled to benefits or aid from the government. There are unregistered Therians who prefer to remain in their Therian form. Many of these unregistered Therians hide out in dangerous sections of New York City, such as Greenpoint in Brooklyn, a once a thriving community that's now in ruins, the buildings and streets dilapidated with Humans staying far away. An undisclosed number of Therians reside there, and due to the danger of simply stepping foot in the area, no law enforcement agency enters unless absolutely necessary. The state has decided it's best to just leave those Therians there, providing they don't hurt anyone outside. It gives new meaning to the term Urban Jungle.

Copyright © 2014 Charlie Cochet. All Rights Reserved. THIRDS published by Dreamspinner Press.

Vixen's Valor Blog Tour final stop over at The Novel Approach.


Hello all! Thank you all so much for joining me for Vixen's Valor blog tour. Later today, the tour's final is stop is the fabulous Novel Approach where I'm chatting about holiday traditions. Stop by and share your own.


VixensValour200Vixen's Valor (North Pole City Tales: Book Three) Genre: Gay Fantasy Romance, Holiday Length: Novella 82 pages Published: December 3rd, 2014 Publisher: Dreamspinner Press ISBN: 9781632165183

Story Summary

Rein Dear is a prestigious title, accompanied by admiration, devotion, and celebrity status, all of which one saucy Vixen thrives on. Alas, Vixen’s only concerned with having fun, unlike his stuffy and sensible best friend, Rudy Rein Dear, who Vixen has always been jealous of. Aside from being chosen by Mayor Kringle to be Captain the Rein Dear Squadron, Rudy’s managed to snag himself a prince, even if that prince is the dangerous and imposing Jack Frost.

All’s not lost for Vixen though. He discovers Jack’s cousin Vale has a soft spot for him. Vale Frost might not be a dashing prince, but he’s the next best thing: a decorated Lieutenant for the Toy Soldier Army, and a member of the Frost monarchy.

Determined to get what Vixen feels he deserves, he sets off on a mission to ensnare the kind-hearted lieutenant. But Vixen’s selfish ways are sure to lead to disaster, and it’ll take more than a little courage to set things right.

Out Now from

Dreampisnner Press eBook | Amazon | All Romance ebooks | Barnes & Noble


Read the first chapter here


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Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

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