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J.B. Sanders is over at the Tea House chatting Self-Publishing and hosting a fantastic giveaway!

teahouseFavicon128Hey all! J.B. Sanders is my guest over at the Tea House with a great post on Self-Publishing, if you've ever been curious about the process, he talks about everything from cover art to audio books. He's also offering an awesome giveaway! You could win a free audio book or all three of his eBooks! Just drop by and leave a comment on his post for a chance to win!

x Charlie

Hello Again! It's Nice to See You.

weeklynewsupdateHello all! I just returned from my mini break, and it's good to be back. After my last two deadlines, I needed a little R&R. I spent a week away from my desk, just relaxing. I didn't do any work, didn't even think about writing, and now I'm eager to get back to it. My batteries have recharged, and from tomorrow, it's all go. I plan to get back to the blog's daily themes soon as well.

Over the last few days, I finally got to join the Romance Writer's of America and the Rainbow Romance Writers, which I'm really excited about. I'm hoping to make it next year's RWA convention. Well, time to get to it! All system's go!

x Charlie

Christmas in July over at Deanna Wadsworth's Blog!

guest blogging150Hello all! Today I'm running a giveaway over at Deanna Wadsworth's blog to celebrate Christmas in July! For a chance to win an eBook copy of Mending Noel, just leave a comment and contact email address on my post:

Winner will be posted on this blog and notified via email.

x Charlie

Writing M/M Romance and Getting Started

Hello all! When I first started writing M/M Romance, I did a lot of research. Not just for the stories I was writing, but on being a writer in the genre. I wanted to start off on the right foot. I'm one of those people who likes going into something with as much information as possible. If I'm travelling, I have print-outs, maps, GPS, the whole nine yards. I know, it doesn't sound very spontaneous or adventurous, but I beg to differ. I'm all for setting off on an adventure, I just like to be prepared.  Heck, you should see my bag. I carry everything from a portable first-aid kit to a spare, fully-charged phone battery.

JL1I researched everything from marketing, to the genre itself. I make it no secret that I was inspired to write my own historicals after reading Tamara Allen's beautifully written stories. When I read Whistling in the Dark, it stayed with me for days. The story, the characters, the feelings, stayed with me. I read A LOT of M/M Romance. I read The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon (my first Lanyon book), and loved it. I read more of Josh's work. I saw he had published a book called Man, Oh Man! Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks & Cash and I rushed out to buy it because I'd heard it offered some great advice for newbies like me on writing M/M Romance. I wasn't interested in the cash bit--although making a living from my writing is a goal I'm striving for, it wasn't my reason for getting into M/M romance.

Any author who goes into writing M/M fiction solely for the money is in for a surprise. I'm not saying it can't be done, because there are plenty of authors who do it and do it well, I'm just saying authors who are only in it for the money, who lack the passion for what they do, won't be fooling anyone. Your love for what you do comes through in your work, and if it's not there, then it will reflect in the writing. That's just my two cents. Anyway, so I wanted to read what Josh had to say, and the book turned out to be such a great help, and a fab source of info on everything from insight on the genre to publishers.

JL2Over a year later, I'm a published M/M Romance author with 11 stories under my belt (a mixture of novellas, short stories, and free reads) with my first full length novel coming out this year, and waiting to hear back from two publishers on two other stories. I have a few reader nominations for my books, a Best Author award from Speak Its Name, and a growing readership. I've had the best year ever! Then, I received a message from Josh Lanyon, asking if I would like to contribute in the Historical Round Table discussion in the updated Man, Oh Man! Writing Quality M/M Fiction. Arms flailed. Flailed madly around the room.

Not only did I feel honored, but I was going to be part of a discussion that included Alex Beecroft, Tamara Allen, Ava March, Aleksandr Voinov, and Charlie Cochrane. Me. In the same vicinity as some of the historical authors whose books I'd gobbled up before nervously submitting my first story. The flailing continued.  Obviously, I bought the new book, because how could I miss a discussion on historical M/M Fiction from these authors? Then I see my name in the book. I blink then peer at it, still amazed it's there.  Yep, that's my name all right. Not a typo. I managed to give useful info rather than paragraphs of ermahgerd typed over and over like a geeked out version of The Shining.

Before I became published, I read the first version, and now that I'm published I'm reading the second, because it contains 373 pages of awesomeness on everything from marketing to pacing, theme, dialogue, and author etiquette. It has loads of input from authors from all different genres, from reviewers, and publishers. If you're considering writing M/M fiction, I can't recommend this book enough. The M/M genre has changed pretty dramatically since the first version came out, so it's certainly worth the read. A big thank you to Josh for allowing me to be a part of it.

You can get your copy on Amazon here:

x Charlie

Weekly News Update: July 7th - 13th

weeklynewsupdateWelcome to this week's Weekly News Update. Due to the Equal Rights Blog Hop last weekend, there was no Weekly News Update. This week I've been working on a few different things, not all of it writing related. I've been taking a few days off to relax and refresh after my last two deadlines. I happily found time to read the three books I posted about on the 28th of June: Brute by Kim Fielding, Paid Leave by Hayley B. James, & Men Like Us by Brita Addams. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can find my thoughts for them on my Goodreads shelf. As you've probably noticed, there was no themed posts Wed, Thurs, and Friday, and I'm afraid I might not be able to update the blog every day as I'm in the process of possibly moving to a new city, but I'll certainly keep you all updated. I'll still be posting and on the social media platforms whenever possible and before anything becomes final in the move. Here’s a rundown of this week’s posts: ♥ Monday Media: An easy tutorial on, which offers a fantastic online image editing tool for free. Click here to view. ♥ Tuesday Talks: Chatted about conflict in romance and how much is enough. Click here to view. Tea House guests so far this month:Mychael Black - Fantasy Worlds and the Patience of Readers. ♥ Augusta Li - Creative Inspiration. ♥ M.A. Church - Shadows in the Night. ♥ Lane Hayes - Better Than Good. Upcoming Tea House guests: ♥ Andrew J. Peters ♥ Jamie Samms ♥ Augusta Li ♥ Tali Spencer ♥ A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder ♥ J.B. Sanders  

Tuesday Talks: Relationship Drama-Rama

TuesdayTalksCCochet180Hello all! Welcome to this week's Tuesday Talks. Today I'm rambling on about something that comes up quite often in reviews: Conflict. In every book, the characters face conflict, whether internal or external, sometimes one or the other, at times both. When it comes to writing romance, one conflict which is usually a given is the relationship between the main characters. Will they get together? Won't they? If they're an established couple, does something come between them?

Then among the characters relationship there's external conflict as well. Someone's trying to kill them, people are out to separate them, aliens have landed and the fate of the human race is down to Carl and his sexy lover. I've been told, the more conflict the better, but sometimes, the main conflict in the romance is simply the relationship and the struggles the protagonists have to face to attain their happily ever after.

I've read plenty of romances where the main focus is the relationship. Heck, I've got a few myself. One thing I'm seeing is reviews where folks are saying something akin to: there was no conflict, or the story was boring, nothing happened, it was just about the characters and their relationship. Obviously it also comes down to the reader.

If the characters are well written and I enjoy them, I'll be drawn into their world and care about what happens to them and their relationship. There doesn't need to be a whole lot of external conflict or three separate plots going on. I'm happy to read about their relationship and how they get together. Some folks believe as it's romance, the main focus should be the romantic relationship, while others believe there needs to be more to keep the story interesting.

What do you think? How much conflict do you believe a romance novel should have? Should it always include action? External conflict? Angst?  

Results for the Equal Rights Blog Hop!

Hello all! I want to give a big thank you to those who participated in the Equal Rights Blog Hop whether through hosting, commenting, or reading all the amazing posts. It's been a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful event. I appreciate everyone who took the time to visit my blog, for those who shared their stories, or left such great comments. Together we can work toward a brighter, safer future for everyone. We've come a long way, but we've still a long way to go. Through awareness, education, love, and support, I believe we can get there. Thank you all again for taking part.

Using the Magic Hat, the winner for this blog is:

Equality Blog Hop results

Congratulation, Kat! I'll be in contact shortly to confirm delivery of your prizes.

Don't forget to check with Queer Town Abbey for the results of their draw:

Thank you!

x Charlie Cochet

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