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Weekly News Update: June 23rd - June 29th

weeklynewsupdateWelcome to this week’s Weekly News Update. This week I wrapped up Jack and Rudy’s book The Heart of Frost, which came in at 30k! Woot! So I made both of my deadlines, though Jack's book was cutting it real close. The fellas were giving me a good deal of trouble this month, but we got there in the end.

Next, I hope to finish Hunter's book, and a whole new to-do list. I'll keep you posted on the stories I have out there. Fingers crossed! This week's roundup is short and sweet as I'm in much need of some R&R. See you all on Monday!

  Here’s a rundown of this week’s posts: ♥ Monday Media: MTV Memories. I shared some of my favorite 80s music videos. Click here to view. ♥ Tuesday Talks: A Hero's Heart. Chatting about our favorite types of heroes. Click here to view. ♥ Wednesday Writing: WIP An excerpt from The Heart of Frost. Click here to view. ♥ Thursday Thoughts: My update on finishing Jack's book, Johnnie's, and what's next. Click here to view. ♥ Friday Fun: Gimme Some of that Book Lurve. Some recent reads that I've enjoyed. Click here to view. Contests! There’s still time to enter the current contests over at the Purple Rose Tea House!  Check out what’s up for grabs: ♥ Andrew Q. Gordon is offering a chance to win a $25 Dreamspinner Press Credit. Click here to enter. (ends July 1st) x Charlie

Friday Fun: Gimme Some of that Book Lurve

FridayFunCCochet180Hey all! So my crazy schedule the last couple of months has made it tough to get some reading in. Of course I had a few instances where I had no choice but to take it easy, namely some painful dentist appointments and a couple of generally blah days. In that time, I finally managed to get around to some books I'd been dying to read: Jordan L Hawk's Widdershins and Threshold.

I am absolutely in love with these fellas! There's nothing I didn't love about these books. I also read Hainted which I had actually put on my tbr list before Widdershins but had to put it off for a while due to medical craziness. Anyway, Hainted is equally awesome, and I have to say Jordan has some mad skillz when it comes to describing horror. I'm not a big fan of horror romance, but I totally make an exception when the books are as awesome as Jordan's. WiddershinsJLHThresholdJLHHaintedJLH

In the last few months I've also loved: Diversion and Collusion by Eden Winters. (I adore Lucky and Bo!) Can't wait for the next book. Water Waltz by Hayley B. James, One Small Thing and One True Thing by Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea.

CollusionEW DiversionEW OST OTT WaterWaltzHBJ Next to be read: Brute by Kim Fielding, Paid Leave by Hayley B. James, & Men Like Us by Brita Addams. What recent reads have you enjoyed?  

Thursday Thoughts: Ermahgerd

ThursdayThoughtsCCochet180Okay, so last night I typed "The End" on Jack and Rudy's story. I finished the synopsis and the blurb. I'm getting ready to send it off, making it the third story I'll have out there. Two full length novels and one novella. My babies are all leaving the nest. *sniff* The last two months have been cray cray. Nonstop writing, as well as blog posts, and all kinds of other crazy things.

Now that I've survived my deadlines, I plan on arranging a couple more, but I also plan on giving myself more time, much more time, than I gave myself these last two months. Luckily, Hunter's book--which is next, is already 23k in. I have some major research to do for a new shifter series, and some historical stories I had put on the back burner which I hope to sort out, but can I just say how insanely relieved it feels to wrap up Johnnie's book and Jack's book? Yeeeeessssssssssssss! I know there's a new to-do list waiting to be compiled, but hush. Let me bask in this moment, this moment of completeness, of having finished two stories.

Right, moment over. Onward Miss Teschmacher!

x Charlie

Wednesday Writing: WIP The Heart of Frost

wedwritingcc180Hello all! For this week's Wednesday Writing I thought I'd share a little excerpt from my current work in progress, The Heart of Frost. I decided that for next year's Christmas story, I'm going to write it this Christmas, because I tell you, writing a Christmas story in June is tough, especially when you live in Florida.

I mean getting into the spirit of the holidays during the holidays is pretty challenging for me as it is in these parts, so imagine doing it when the weather outside is a glaring ninety-something. To get me into the mood, and what's gotten me absorbed in my story has been listening to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and referring to a good deal of visuals. Most of which you can find here in my Pinterest Christmas story album.

For my ending, I listened to this song. Carol of the Bells is one my favorites. It's so dramatic and epic.

FrozenHeartThe Heart of Frost is about the imposing Prince of Frost--Jack, and the Captain of Mayor Kringle's Rein Dear Squadron--Rudy, both of who appeared in Mending Noel, helping out Tim and Noel. Initially had planned to make Jack and Rudy's book the same length as Mending Noel, but as I started world building, I realized it was going to end up longer.

In this book, you get to see more of North Pole City, get to meet the King of Frost--Jack's father, Hollis and Vale which are Jack's cousins--twins, and a couple of other characters. We get to learn about how Jack and Rudy first got together, and the danger Jack faces when Rudy's biplane is sabotaged just a few weeks before the Big Flight--a danger linked to his past and his heart.


What a glorious sight. Jack couldn’t help but linger in the doorway, watching his lover lounging on the blue tufted-velvet davenport, the sides of his bright red paisley robe having slipped precariously open to reveal his bare, tanned leg. He had a book in his hand, and another small stack of them lay on the floor beside him. His hair was roguishly tousled, and his bottom lip between his teeth. The room smelled of cinnamon and spices, and the record player on the small table in the corner played soft Christmas melodies.

Rudy let out a wistful sigh. “If only I had my own handsome prince to sweep me off my feet.”

With a chuckle, Jack walked into the room.

“Oh, wait. I do.” Rudy snapped the book shut and turned his head in Jack’s direction. “Hello, handsome prince.” He sat up, and moved over so Jack could take a seat beside him. Soon as Jack was seated, he slipped his arms around Rudy and leaned in for a kiss.

“Hello, sweetheart.”

“How did it go?” Rudy wrapped his arms around Jack, his chin coming to rest on Jack’s shoulders. His expression must have said it all because Rudy’s arms tightened around him. “That well, huh?”

“Apparently frivolity at parties is to be added to the list of activities which are beneath me. I swear if it wasn’t for Kringle, my father would believe he had born Christmas himself.”

“He really is overbearing, isn’t he?” Rudy brushed his fingers through Jack’s hair, soothing him.

“Nothing new.” Jack pulled him close so he could plant a kiss on his temple. “What would’ve become of me without you?”

“Enough of those thoughts,” Rudy said, motioning toward the tub. “I prepared a nice hot bath for us.”

“You waited for me?”

“Of course. What fun is a bath without you?” Without a second thought to the matter, Rudy slipped off the other end of the davenport and walked around to Jack’s side. With a sexy little smile, he got down on his knees and took hold of Jack’s boot, pulling one off then the other. He made his way up Jack’s body, removing his uniform piece by piece and laying it neatly on the tufted velvet until Jack was down to his breeches and white undershirt. A shiver went through Jack as Rudy’s hands slid up his torso, feeling his way up as he removed the soft shirt. Once Jack was bare to his waist, Rudy took hold of his hand and pulled him to his feet.

“You were amazing tonight. Handsome, enchanting, graceful. You should have seen Vixen’s face. He was insanely jealous.”


“Yes. He said if he had known about you, he would have crawled into your bed long ago.”

Rudy was teasing him, but the thought of giving Rudy up for the brash and uninhibited Vixen had Jack shuddering. “He wouldn’t have gotten anything but a frozen backside, if he was lucky.”

“Oh?” Rudy released Jack and walked over to the end of the colossal marble tub. “But he’s very handsome.”

“All flash, no substance.”


“You’re being too kind. We both know he’s a floozy.”

Rudy laughed. “Are you saying you wouldn’t have considered it? Even for a quick romp in the snow?”

“I’d rather freeze my baubles off,” he grumbled, his gaze fixed on Rudy’s face before it moved to those long slender fingers resting on the sash of his robe.

“Jack, please, I’m very fond of your baubles.”


As my deadline for this story looms frightfully close, I shall keep you all updated! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

Copyright © 2012-2013 Charlie Cochet. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday Talks: A Hero's Heart. Who's Your Favorite?

TuesdayTalksCCochet180Hello all! Welcome to another Tuesday Talks. Today I'm asking about our heroes of romance. We all have out favorites who we love to read and write about. The bad boy, the boy next door, the alpha male. Something about them makes our hearts beat fast and our knees weak. They keep us glued to the page or the silver screen.

The Tortured Hero

I admit, I love reading and writing about these heroes who always pull at my heartstrings. What is it about these fellas that I love so much? For me, it's not just about piling on adversity or angst, it's about characters who have truly struggled and somehow found a way to persevere. A character doesn't have to be an alpha male to be a tortured hero. One of my most troubled characters is Chauncey Irving, from The Auspicious Troubles of Chance--though I would stick to calling him Chance or it could get ugly. He's not a big tough alpha, but he is a force to be reckoned with. I love my fellas, but Chance is one of my favorites. (Shsh, don't tell the others!)

GC - ChanceChance is a tortured hero, not only because of the circumstances he found himself in throughout his life--some within and some out of his control, but for Chance, like some of my other heroes, there is no magic cure. His past broke him, and although he wanted to move on, to make a better life for himself, he just couldn't find a way to do it, and in the end, he learns he can never truly leave it all behind. His pain is a part of him, but he manages to turn his life around and find happiness with help from those he comes to care about, his unconventional family who teach him he doesn't have to go at it alone.

In His CornerCCochetChance grew up on the streets of New York City in the early 1800s after running away from the orphanage his parents dropped him off at when he was just a kid. He survived on his looks and his smarts. He gained everything he had ever wanted only to lose it in one fell swoop. This set him on a path of self-destruction. Booze, drugs, violence, and lots of meaningless sex. He didn't care about anyone, least of all himself. He wanted to be a better man, but didn't know how. His desperation leads him to the French Foreign Legion in the 1920s, where he meets Jacky Valentine--his new commandant, a man who his superiors believe can set Chance straight--so to speak, as well as the three misfit teens Jacky has taken under his wing. With Jacky and the 'brats', Chance learns that not only is he capable of love, but that he deserves it as well.

You can read the blurb here or Chapter 1 here.

Warning: Story contains good old fashioned romance, foul language, and a good amount of grumpiness. Pet names such as hummingbird, snugglepup, and buttercup may be used to infuriate said hero.  

What's your favorite type of hero to read or write about? What kind of hero do you want to see more or less of?

Monday Media: MTV Memories

MondayMediaCCochet180It's funny how when you're little, all you want to do is grow up, and when you're grown up, you think about when you were little. I wouldn't want to live in the past, but I do enjoy looking back on fond memories. As an author who writes historical, it's a given that I find history fascinating, and that includes looking back at the eras I grew up in.

I was born in 1978, so I didn't get to experience the 70s outside of the photos of my parents dressed in bell-bottom pants, huge sunglasses, colorful neck scarves, and psychedelic shirts.  I do remember the 1980s very well. They were my childhood. What I remember most were the cartoons, the movies, the toys, the fashion, and of course the music.

MTV launched in 1981 with The Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star, still one of my favorite songs of the 80s, though technically, the song was their 1979 debut single.

In 1983 MTV debuted Thriller--all 14 minutes of it, and how awesome had it been?

Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, The Who, The Police, David Bowie, Huey Lewis and the News, Madonna, Billy Idol, Mick Jagger to name but a few whose videos aired during the early years of MTV. I remember being glued to the screen waiting for my favorite videos to play, excited when a video came on that I hadn't seen before. A-ha's Take On Me was another favorite. We've all seen the animated version, so here's the original from 1984.

And of course, what would be the 80s without Cyndi Lauper? I adored her music. I remember jumping and dancing around the living room whenever this came on, and then of course I had my cassette. Let's be honest, I still jump and dance around the room to this.

I LOVED the Eurythmics. Still do. At the time, I didn't understand the video (the cows especially) or what the song was about, I just knew I loved the sound. No list of 80s videos can be complete without Peter Gabriel. *sigh*

When I think about MTV, I think of it as it had been when I grew up. When it was all about amazing music videos. As much as I love Teen Wolf, I don't think MTV can ever recapture those amazing years. We weren't called the MTV generation for nothing, and it saddens me to see all the music videos replaced with drivel like 16 and Pregnant and Jersey Shore. I think t he Dire Straights had it right! "I want my MTV!"

What were some of your favorite music videos of the 1980s or 90s?

Weekly News Update: June 16th - 22nd

weeklynewsupdateWelcome to this week's Weekly News Update. This week I've been busy working away on Jack's book which is nearly done. I was aiming for it to be about as long as Mending Noel, which came in just over 18k, but it looks like The Heart of Frost is going to be a little longer than that. I'll make sure to update what the final count is.

In this book it's all about Jack and Rudy, although Tim and Noel are also in it, as well as a few new characters, such as Jack's sexy twin cousins, Hollis and Vale, as well as one of the other Rein Dears: Vixen. We get to learn about Jack's past and how he and Rudy first got together. I hope folks will enjoy it as much as they did Tim and Noel's story. Soon as it's wrapped up, I'll post an excerpt. If you'd like to see some inspirational pictures, check out their album on Pinterest here.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s posts: ♥ Monday Media: I gave in and joined Pinterest! Click here to view. ♥ Tuesday Talks: Chatted about plotters and pantsers. Click here to view. ♥ Wednesday Writing: An excerpt from Hunter's book, A Little Bite of Love book#2. Click here to view. ♥ Thursday Thoughts: It's Okay to Step Away, I talked about taking breaks from every day pressures. Click here to view. ♥ Friday Fun: It's All About Entertainment. Trailers for some of the movies and TV shows I'll be watching over the weekend. What will you be doing?Click here to view. Contests! There’s still time to enter the current contests over at the Purple Rose Tea House!  Check out what’s up for grabs: ♥ An eBook copy of Save the Date by Kate McMurray. Click here to enter. (ends Sunday the 23rd) An eBook copy of Always the Groomsman by Cassandra Gold. Click here to enter. (ends Sunday the 23rd) ♥ Sarah Madison is offering an eBook copy of The Boys of Summer. Click here to enter. (ends Tuesday the 25th) ♥ Andrew Q. Gordon is offering a chance to win a $25 Dreamspinner Press Credit. Click here to enter. (ends July 1st) Additional guests this month: ♥ Sean Michael will be stopping by Tuesday, June 25th, so make sure to stop by!

Sale!! DreamspinnerpageDreamspinner Press is having a 30% off everything sale all weekend to celebrate Paul and Dennis' wedding!  Not only is it a great deal, but 5% of all sales will be donated to MarriageEvolved!


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