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The Return of Saturday Snark!

I've always loved Marie Sexton's Saturday Snark, so I'm very excited it's back on! This time around, I thought I'd participate. So here's a little snarky snippet from The Auspicious Troubles of Chance. In this scene, Chance has gotten himself shot (yet again), and had begrudgingly asked Jacky for help, except to Chance's horror, there's no morphine available. 

“I’ve changed my mind. I’ll lose the leg.”

“Too late.” Jacky flicked his wrist, and the bullet popped out. He caught it, wiped it up, and stuck it in his pocket. I wanted to ask what he was going to do with it, but I was too busy sweating over the sharp, curved slice of metal he was currently threading.

“Shit, you mean it’s not over?”

He shook his head as he started to stitch me up. “You can hardly walk around with a gaping hole, now can you?”

I snorted. “You do, and you seem just fine.”

He tugged at the needle, and I saw stars. “Jesus Christ!” That earned me another tug. “What the hell was that one for?” I ground out through my teeth.


I blinked. “Since when are you religious?”

“I’m not. But someone else might be.”

I couldn’t believe he had actually said that with a straight face. 


When it comes to snark, Chance is a natural, and he spends a good deal of his time mouthing off to someone about something. Of course, Jacky turns out to be more than a match for Chance-- much to Chance's frustration. Hope you enjoy it!

Return to Marie Sexton's blog for some more fantastic Saturday Snark!

x Charlie x

Remi and Charlie's Birthday Bonanza! Aug 16th-18th

Hello everyone! Remi and I are both August babies, his birthday being the 16th, and mine the 21st. So what better way to celebrate than to throw a party together! Hawk is going to help and everything. There will be fun and games and exclusive one of a kind prizes to be won. The birthday bash will be running from August 16th through to midnight August 18th! There will be a page up with the prizes up for grabs real soon, so stay tuned!

As an early present, I put this together for Remi. 

Awww, look at Hawk being all smooth and romantic. Oh, you handsome devils, you.  :D


One of the prizes up for grabs is this handmade, vintage, paper bag, mini album. *Updated* I finished the album, so if you'd like to see the inside pages, check out this post here. You'll also find some of the other prizes up for grabs, and there's more to come, so stay tuned!

x Charlie x

Fun Friday! Random Question Meme

Happy Friday everyone! To kick off the weekend I thought I'd share a fun little meme of random questions.

If you'd like to be tagged and participate, just drop me a comment, or just feel free to chat about your own answers.

♥ What curse word do you use the most? I don't know that it's really a curse word, but 'bloody hell' just kind of stuck with me, so that slips out. A lot. It also depends on who I'm talking to. If it's with my brother, there's no limit to creativity curse-wise.

♥ What was the last album you bought? The Artist soundtrack. Before that, Rock of Ages soundtrack. In my defense, the latter was on sale dirt cheap at Amazon, and I like me some 80s rock, so there.

♥ What was the last movie you watched? 21 Jumpstreet. Oh Tatum, I didn't know you could do comedy so well. Your general yumminess did not hurt your performance any either.

♥ What's your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast. LOVE breakfast. No matter what time of the day I wake up, I always crave breakfast. Yes, there will be pancakes for dinner if necessary. (I've worked some weird hours)

♥ What color is your room? Pastel/Mint Green. I love the color. I have a sweater that color and took it to the shop to have it matched.

♥ Flip flops or sneakers? Definitely sneakers. I love shoes, but I will always return to my one true love: Converse.

♥ Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster? Nope, never. If I can't sleep, I'll just stay up until my body concedes it's being a pill, and shut down for sleepy-time mode.

♥ Do you have a sweet tooth? Oh, you betcha. Not for candy though. Chocolate and baked goods. Dangerous.

What's your favorite TV show(s)? Supernatural, Boardwalk Empire, Castle, and BBC Sherlock are shows I must see or there will be evils.

♥ Are you shy around the opposite/same sex? Depends if I fancy them or not. I'm generally a little shy at first. Don't want to scare folks off with the crazy until after they're friends and it's too late for them to back out. Muahaha.

♥ Do you own any band t-shirts? Queen and the Beatles. I love t-shirts, especially retro ones. I mostly own retro and comic book t-shirts. Captain America, Wolverine, the Comedian, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, and Transformers. Most of them are girly fit, though I hate that they don't make girl versions of a lot of the guy t-shirts. Like girls won't wear super hero t-shirts unless they're pink or have a bunch of damn flowers on them. Grr... >:(

♥ Do you read for fun? Who doesn't?

♥ Who was the last person to text message you? My best friend who was watching the Olympics.

♥ Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? I have a desktop and a net book. My laptop is taking a dirt nap, hence the net book.  Yes, a tablet would have been cooler, but I can't type out a manuscript on a tablet. It would drive me bonkers.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Just the usual ear ones, though I have always wanted a tattoo. The only reason I haven't gotten one yet is because I just can't decide on a design.

♥ When was the last time you slept on the floor? Uh, ages ago. I was staying over a friend's house. Lots of cushy duvets and pillows in front of the telly. Super fun.

♥ How many hours of sleep do you need to function? I can function without sleep for 24 hrs providing I have lots of coffee, some sugar, and food. Especially food. That will keep me going. I will however then need to sleep pretty much most of the day after that. On a normal day, probably six hours minimum.

♥ Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages? I do. If I can have a low fat, low calorie, low everything version of whatever I want to eat, I'll go for that, unless it's something I'm craving and then all that goes out the window, but usually, yes. I try to find a balance and don't deny myself anything. Just makes me crave it more. I'm lucky that I'm allergic to something I don't like: shellfish, though it makes eating sushi a bit of a pain, and I ♥ sushi.

What was the scariest movie you've seen? Do you like horror movies? I don't like horror movies, which is weird considering how many I saw as a kid. A friend got me into Japanese horror movies years ago and I made the mistake of watching the Ring. It scared the #@*$&! out of me, and then the Grudge sealed the deal. After that, no more Japanese horror movies. EVER. EVEEEEER.

♥ Do you like cottage cheese? Only if it has fruit in it, mainly pineapple. :)

Do you like karaoke? After a few drinks, karaoke, like many other things, appeal to me and seem like a good at the time. Yes, I have stood on that stage--though not alone--and belted out ABBA. Don't judge me.

Has reading a book ever made you cry? All the freakin' time!

♥ What song did you last sing out loud? *blush* Um, well, uh, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Shhh... you didn't read that.

Would you like to know the day you're going to die ahead of time? Hell no! Just knowing I've got a package out for delivery from Amazon or Fedex has my knee bouncing, knowing when I was going to die would have me just keeling over from stress levels of knowing. I try not to contemplate on my mortality more than I have to.

Which three celebrities would you like to have in your bed? 1. Jensen Ackles 2. Misha Collins 3. Ryan Reynolds

♥ What is the sexiest part of a man? Seriously? All of him! If I had to choose, I'd say a nice muscular back and arms. And chest. And lips. And ass. Okay, I'm not choosing. Stupid question.

♥ What was the last thing that made you laugh? I was catching up on Teen Wolf--shush--and AdChoices popped up advertising: K9 Advantix II for dogs. Oh, how I did cackle.

♥ What color is your bedroom carpet? Don't have carpet, though I would prefer that or wood to tiles. Don't like tiles. Tiles are cold, slippery, and just icky.

♥ What's under your bed? Dustbunnies.

Grab the book nearest to you, go to page 20, and find line 10. What does it say? "The night you went to Vegas she said she didn't like drunks" -- Raymond Chandler, The Long Good-bye

Masks Off! Anthology Released

new releaseTorquere Press' Masks Off! Anthology is now available, and I'm proud to be one of the seven authors included in this great release. This is the first anthology I'm a part of so I'm very excited.

♥ Authors involved: B A Tortuga, Missouri Dalton, Rob Rosen, Katherine Halle, Elizabeth Brooks, and Sean Michael.

♥ Stop by the Torquere Press Live Journal for a chat!

♥ Next Thursday, August 9th, I'll be over at Babes in Boyland chatting about my contribution to the anthology: Believe Me, Beloved as well as offering a free eBook copy to one lucky winner!

Available for purchase here.

x Charlie x

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