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Theme Thursday: My Movie Madness. It's Genetic.

Welcome to this week's Theme Thursday. Today's theme is about my favorite hobby: movies! Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm a writer, surely reading should be my favorite hobby, right? Well, it is. Sort of. For me, reading and watching movies both hold the number one spot. I have my dad to thank for that.

Back in the day, when my dad was a youngster, he used to work in movie theaters building stuff, putting in seats, speakers, replacing the screens, so he got to watch a lot of movies for free, which was great because he loved it. Those he didn't watch for free, he paid $0.50 for. Yep, no $14.50 a ticket RPX 3D in those days.

Ever since I could remember, I've been watching movies with my dad. I was even allowed to watch horror movies--much to my mom's displeasure. He always explained to me that what I was watching wasn't real, and of course as a kid I just wanted to watch the cool grown up movie and was all "ugh, I know it's not real" and then proceeded to have nightmares where I was being chased by Freddie Kruger. Next horror flick, I'd just do it all over. Ah, the 80s.
Of course, it also meant I had to sit through a load of Van Damme and Steven Seagal films, but I can't complain, my dad watched more than his fair share of Disney princesses and Tom & Jerry with me. We still watch movies together all the time, whether at the cinema or on his flat screen TV. Yeah, my dad's one of those dads that has the latest gadget before his kids do, and if he doesn't, he'll eventually catch up.

Occasionally my mom will come along to the movies with us if it's a family film or adventure film. We went as a family to see the Avengers and I swear my mom was more excited than anyone. Sure, she had no idea who Thor was, but it didn't keep her from saying, "Oh, the young man with the hammer is so handsome." I wholeheartedly agree, mom. She did know Captain America as she'd recently watched the movie, and well, his costume makes it easy to guess which one is Captain America, not to mention Iron Man. She's a Robert Downy Jr fan, though she can never remember his name, so no matter what film she sees him in, he's Sherlock Holmes.

So Avengers kicked things off with a bang, but the amazing lineup doesn't end with the summer. I swear there are so many movies to watch, I doubt I'll get to see most of them. One of the things I love about going to the movies, is getting to see the trailers. Here are some of the films I'm looking forward to. There's a little bit of everything. Musicals, animated, action, fantasy, woo hoo! (Just a heads up, if you're reading this post from Goodreads, the videos won't show up. Thanks!)

This just looks like a load of fun and it has Chris Hemsworth!

 The number of awesome actors in this, the cheesy 80s music, what's not to love?!

Loving it.

Abraham Lincoln, fighting vampires? I'm there!

*sigh* Prohibition, Tom Hardy, Shia....

O_o  I ♥ this trailer. ♥!!

x Charlie x

Weekly Round-Up

♥ First, using, the winner of yesterday's LJ post is: wyrefire. Congrats! You'll be receiving your copy of Lost In My Waking Dream shortly.

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by and left a comment!

♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

Well, it's been a busy week, and although I've been a bit absent in the social media sphere, I've managed to be quite productive this week writing-wise, which I'm very happy about considering the lull I've had this month. Somehow I managed to make up for lost time.

Daily themes will be back from Monday.  So for today, I'll have a weekly round-up of sorts.

♥ I finished the second edits for The Auspicious Troubles of Chance, yay! I'm really excited about introducing the boys to everyone. There will be a post about them next week as well as an additional excerpt.

♥ My Love Is Always Write story Roses in the Devil's Garden went up on Goodreads and I have been over the moon by how well its been received. It's my first year taking part, and I'm so very happy I did. It has been such a wonderful experience, not to mention incredibly motivating. Julius' story A Rose by Any Other Name is next up and it's well on its way. I'll be posting another excerpt on next week's WIP Wednesday.

Seeing as how Roses in the Devil's Garden was going to become available for download, it would need a cover, so I put this one together. What do you think?

Also, if you're not a member of Goodreads, you can now download the story as en EPUB or Kindle file from my 'Books' page.

Lost In My Waking Dream is now available from Torquere Press. It's a sweet short story set in the 1930s with a sci-fi twist.

♥ Hawk and Remi's next book is also coming along nicely. Chess is causing mayhem, and Hawk is thinking up ways to strangle him. Keep an eye out for another sneak peak coming soon.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

x Charlie x

New Release and the Torquere Press LJ: Win a free copy of Lost In My Waking Dream

Good morning all!

Today I'm over at the Torquere Press Live Journal sharing a sneak peak of my newest release, Lost in My Waking Dream!

Drop by and leave a comment (at the LJ, post should be up from 6am EST) for a chance to win. Contest ends at midnight EST time. The winner will be chosen at random and posted here on Friday's post, so if you're entering, please make sure to leave an email address where you would like your story sent should you win. Hope to see you there!

Yesterday's winners are: Tracy, Lana, and vitajex. You've all been sent an email. Please let me know if you haven't received it.

 x Charlie x

Drop by the Torquere Press Blog for a chance to win!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Today I'm over at the Torquere Press blog sharing a sneak peak of my newest release, Lost in My Waking Dream, my Historical Romance with a dash of Science Fiction, which is out today!

Drop by and leave a comment (at the TqP blog) for a chance to win. Contest ends at midnight EST time. The winner will be chosen at random and posted here on Thursday's post, so if you're entering, please make sure to leave an email address where you would like your story sent should you win. Hope to see you there!

 x Charlie x

Lost in My Waking Dream

Hello all!

My newest release is a short story that's a little... different. It's set in the 1930s, but has a little extra something, namely a little bit of Science Fiction. It's sweet, a little sad, sexy, and offers a lovely happily ever after.

Here's the blurb, a sneaky peak excerpt, and if you leave a comment anytime today, you can enter to win a free copy of Lost In My Waking Dream.  (Closes at Midnight EST time)

** Please note: Make sure to leave your email address where you would like to be notified and have your story sent should you win. The winner will be chosen at random and posted tomorrow on my blog to give everyone a fair chance, and also because other authors will be posting here after the deadline and I don't want to step on their toes. :D


George Fitzpatrick is a troubled man and former soldier from the Great War. Ever since his return, fifteen years ago, George has been hearing another man’s voice in his head, bringing him to question himself and his reality. His engagement to his fiancée has steadily been going from bad to worse, and with every passing day, George is finding it more and more difficult to deny his long-buried urges and the feelings brought about by a man he's never laid eyes on. Is it all in George's head, or is there something more behind Noah Baxter, the man whose soothing voice invades George's dreams and his heart?  


He set his clothes to rights and I did the same with mine. When he turned around -- a sad smile on his face -- for the slightest instant, it was Noah, and I couldn't help but touch his cheek.

"Where is he?" Teddy asked softly, his voice shattering the last remnants of my illusion. His was a kind voice, but it wasn't my Noah's.

"Somewhere I can't reach," I replied, getting a hold of myself before I started to feel any more miserable. I had enough troubles without adding melancholia to my list of ailments.

Teddy nodded his understanding, though I'm certain his conclusion was nowhere near the truth, nor as unfathomable. "You know," he said as he helped me into my overcoat and smoothed out my vest, "out of all of them, you are by far my favorite. You're a good man. I can see it in your eyes."

I swallowed hard and smiled. I'm certain he said such things to his other men, but I appreciated the sentiment. Compliments didn't tend to come my way often, so I took them where I could. "Thank you, Teddy." I took my hat from him and paid him his usual fee. With a tender kiss to my lips, Teddy backed away. "Don't give up. You'll get to your Noah someday." Then he was gone. I stood there in the middle of the shadowy enclosure, enjoying the silence and brief moment of peace, wishing with all my heart that what Teddy had said could somehow be possible.

Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win. The winner will be posted tomorrow on my blog, but I will also notify the winner via email, so don't forget to include yours in your comment if you want to enter. Thanks!

Available here:

Charlie's website:
Twitter: @charliecochet

Busy Bunny and Upcoming Promo

guest bloggingHello all! I have to apologize in advance if things are a little quiet this week at the Cat's Pajamas post wise. I'm working away on my second edits for The Auspicious Troubles of Chance which is due end of week, and my newest release Lost In My Waking Dream is out tomorrow! So it's a busy week for this bunny. Drop by tomorrow (May 23rd) at the Torquere Press blog for a chance to win a free copy. If you can't make tomorrow, you also have a chance to win on Thursday (May 24th) when I'll be hosting the Torquere Press Live Journal x Charlie x

Hop Against Homophobia Winner

Wow, this has been an amazing experience. It was both inspiring and heartbreaking reading so many posts and responses from everyone who took part in this blog hop. It was wonderful to see so many people coming together, sharing their experiences and their thoughts, and I want to thank everyone who stopped by. Together, I know that we can make a difference.

The fight for equality has been going strong for years, and it will continue to go on. With our help, understanding, and love, we can make this world a better place not only for ourselves, but for the generations that come after, so that they might have the chance to live freely and happily with whomever they love,  marry should they choose, and be treated with respect for who they are.

Through, the winner of the hop is: Chrysalis1975
I'll be in touch via email to arrange delivery of your prizes. Please let me know if the email on your profile is not correct.

by SunsetGirl Creations
Again, thank you everyone for participating and showing your support. I know that I've walked away from this having learned things I hadn't known before. Thank you, and remember you are all always more than welcome at my blog. Have a wonderful week!

x Charlie x

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